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- Acropolis: Since the Neolithic Age and the Classical era to the years of the East Roman Empire, the Acropolis of Larissa is located on the hill of Saint Achilles.
-  A’ Ancient Theatre: On the south side of Frourio hill, at Venizellou street, there is one of biggest and most important theatres of the 3rd century BC. The theatre was associated both with devotional events, such as the celebration of theatrical performances, musical and singing competitions, and with political events, related to the public administration of the Thessalians and the meetings of the Church of the municipality.
- B’ Ancient Theatre: Theatrical happenings of the city were hosted there, during the Roman period, as the A’ Ancient Theatre was turned into an arena.
- Large Ottoman Bath [Büyük Hamam]: Continuing the tour at Venizelou Street, the visitor can explore the historical centre of the city. Few meters away there is the Great Ottoman bath, named Büyük Hamam. Today the entire complex of the bath has been incorporated into newer shops.
- Bajrakli Mosque: At Papaflessa Street there is Bajrakli Mosque, which is named by the Imam of the mosque who was rising up a flag, giving signal to the other Imams in the region to call the faithful people to pray (“bayrak” in Turkish means “flag”). Nowadays only the two stone walls of the central space have remained, like Bezesteni, which are dated to the same period (15th-early 16th century).
- Bezesteni: Bezesteni, on the Frourio Hill is a large covered market, which was built by the Ottomans in the late 15th - 16th century and was increasingly critical market segment. Nowadays there have remained only the perimeter walls of the central building.
-  Yeni Mosque: At August 31st  Street, opposite Mplana square, we come across the Yeni Mosque, which is the newest of many mosques that existed in Larissa in the period of Ottoman occupation (Yeni = new). Today the Archaeological Museum of Larissa is housed in. The Museum has a permanent exhibition, which contains exhibits of Paleolithic, Neolithic, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman collections.
- Hippocrates’ tomb: Hippocrates’ tomb, who was the father of modern medicine, came to light after an overflow of the Pinios River in 1826 and in 1978 a cenotaph and a marble statue were created, which werw created by the sculptor George Kalakalas, opposite Alcazar Stadium.
-  Historic - Folklore Museum: In Charavgi neighborhood is the Historic - Folklore Museum, which is housed in a brand new building and provides visitors the opportunity to see artifacts, works of art, collection of etchings engineering, simple objects of middle-class way of living of the pre-industrial period that illustrate the cultural identity of Larissa and of the surroundings.
-  Timeless Museum: On the Hill of Mezourlo, in a ten acres’ area, the archaeological prehistoric, classical and Byzantine treasure of Thessaly is situated, which was subject of study in the last century by many Greek and European archaeologists.
-  Municipal Art Gallery – G.I. Katsigras Museum: The Art Gallery building, founded in 2003, is in the Neapoli neighborhood and displays 750 art paintings from 19th- 20th century as well as 410 sculpting, etching, printing works. It is the core of intellectual creation and search, and exhibitions are organized contributing to the aesthetic and artistic education of the public in the city and the region. Apart from the exhibition space it includes art publications’ bookstore, a well-equipped auditorium, a photo lab and other auxiliary spaces.

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