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- Larissa’s Beaches: The beaches of Larissa, from Agiokampos to Velika, a span of 13 kilometres, are characterized by diversity and combination of green of Kissavos with the blue of the Aegean Sea.
- Plastiras’ Lake: In the 25 km west of Karditsa, at a height of 800 meters, the fascinating landscape of the Lake that is surrounded by tall, green mountains is considered a 'paradise' for the lovers of nature. There is given the possibility for activities such as hiking, fishing, all kinds of mountain sports and walking in the forest.
- Olympus: On the borders of Thessaly and Pieria, the home of the twelve Gods, in 1938 was established as the first National Park in Greece, while in 1981, UNESCO proclaimed the Olympus 'Biosphere Reserve' and the European Community, included it in the list of 'Major Ornitho-fauna of the regions in the European Community'.
- Meteora: The towering cliffs compose, for centuries, between the mountains of Koziakas and Antichasia, an impressive giant stone complex of 800 and more rocks, which is not only scenery of incomparable natural beauty but also one of the most important monuments of the Orthodox Church. After Mount Athos, Meteora are the largest and with continuous presence monastic centre in Greece, while from the thirty monasteries, which are testified through historical data, nowadays only six have remained and are visited by many people.
- Valley of Tempi: The enchanting Valley of Tempi is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Thessalian plain. The Pinios River, crosses the valley between Ossa and Olympus mountains, and its waters flow into the Aegean Sea. At the outfalls there is a significant wetland protected by the Ramsar Convention. On the slopes of the Ossa, opposite the Tempi Valley, is the historic village of Ampelakia, 34 kilometers north-east of Larissa, a traditional protected settlement with unique architecture, where is the infamous mansion Schwarz, built in 1787, which is a museum now, with paintings, carvings, stained glass skylights and elaborated fireplace.

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